So much to say so little time.

Hold on to your hats cos I think this might be a bit of an epic ramble.  Obviously I’ve missed a couple of blogs so I’m gonna squish everything into one and it might go on a bit.

I am feeling rather pleased today cos I finally have all the plumbing work finished on the house.  The sorry tale of broken pipes and water leaks has dragged on for months so I wont bore you with the details.  Suffice to say that by this morning I was starting to feel a wee bit stressed by it all and to my way of thinking,  if I’m stressed the people causing me stress can join me.  So having harassed people and gotten their personal mobile numbers amazingly everything got finished in one day.

anger management

This week I made Christmas cakes.  First time ever and I’m really rather pleased with how they came out.  I was slightly afraid the oven was gonna catch fire because of the amount of sherry in them but all was well.


Last Thursday I went to see Ghost the Musical with my mam.  It’s way too chick flicky for me but she was dead keen so off we toddled stopping in at the pub on the way.

wine and poems

To be fair the special effects were absolutely amazing.  They used holograms and wires and special lighting and all sorts and it was really impressive to watch.  Half way through the second act a woman fell down the stairs.  I hate the stairs in the upper circle at the best of times cos they’re so steep and it’s dark and to be honest I’m amazed it doesn’t happen all the time.  She actually fell on top of someone and by the time we were leaving,  she was staggering about outside with a bunch of the theatre staff and the bloke she’d fallen on was in an ambulance.  I smell a law suit…

Friday night I had an on line drink with my good buddy Phil cos it was his birthday the day before.  I think he was 130 (and not looking a day older).  Don’t remember that much about the end of the night apart from rolling about laughing cos his brother walked into the room starkers cos he didn’t know we were camming.  Luckily for him because of the height of the webcam I didn’t see anything I shouldn’t.  If I wanted that kind of experience I would be on Chatroulette!


So moving along the next bit was actually meant to be last weeks blog but obviously I forgot how to use a keyboard. The weekend before last I was road tripping and gigging with my bessie and it was awesome.

bring it

Set off in the afternoon and headed to Scarborough.  Got settled there for a bit and then went shopping and  had seaside chips (which are the best chips there are!). Had a little wander on the beach but the sea was coming in really fast and I decided it was trying to eat my new boots so  we ran off and played on the tuppenny shove machines.


Then on the evening we headed into Leeds to go see Stornoway who are one of my very fave bands.  Their live performances are better than some peoples recorded and they’re very laid back.

This is just sublime…

It was a really lush gig and was in this little place called the Wardrobe so we were very close to the band and at the end they stayed and signed stuff.  I wouldn’t usually bother with that, but as I was just sitting finishing my drink the crowd cleared and because I love them so much I thought… what the hell!

This photo really makes me laugh cos it’s terrible. In my defense I was very drunk and totally delighted! Also apparently a bit egotistical.  Notice how the drummer has to peer round me?

Stornoway Nov 2013 2

So the next day it was a dive back up to the Northeast cos on the evening I was off to see Basement Jaxx.  The two gigs couldn’t have been more different.  Both were amazing but,  where Stornoway was a very chilled experience,  Basement Jaxx was like two hours of wild party. The two female vocalists wore several really funky outfits and

Basement Jaxx Dec 2013 3

in between this crazy skinny female dancer called Rhonda would come on and just dance her butt off.  The big finale was ‘Wheres Your Head At?’ at which point the entire band,  backing singers and randomly five people dressed as gorillas all just leapt about the stage.

This is 19 seconds of the audience reaction (I was three rows from the front and didn’t actually realise how mental it had all gone til I saw it).

So anyway I think that’s me up to date so I shall leave you with these.187411649414a34d983fd242492334b1 exorcist dog fame qvlnVbk


13 Responses to “So much to say so little time.”

  1. Sounds like time well spent!!! 🙂

    Thanks for the piccies – I love the magnetic ball!!! 🙂

    Merry Christmas Daffers and God Bless! 🙂


  2. Hi hun! 🙂

    Just caught your comment!!! 🙂

    Good advice on the Statins – I’ll keep it in mind once I’ve used up my current four packs of margarine! 🙂

    I have a fresh pork pie to share hun – though I don’t think I can email you a slice!!! 😛

    Love and hugs sweetheart! 🙂


    • Mmm pork pie! Think it would still be fresh if you posted it 😉
      Im gonna say merry run up to Christmas cos IM sure to catch you before then!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  3. You definitely cram a lot into your entertainment field Daffy, strutting your stuff, getting autographed bits and pieces, a bit of beach time, slots, shove penny, making cakes (lovely those two mmmmm) and another thing, I figured Phil was around the hundred and fifty mark but never mind he still looks well for an old fart 🙂 Sorry Phil 🙂 lol

    The nineteen second video was a nice piece of filming, only next time can you do a selfie at the same time, well I only asked 🙂 😉 Your Ghost experience sounded good too, though for the guy getting squashed it must have been a wicked turn, actually I bet he enjoyed it 🙂 lmao Have a wickedly enjoyable evening and a weekend of debauchery 😉 I wouldn’t mind sampling your baking 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  4. Dafferssssssssssssssssssssssss! 😀

    I told you before, you’re a ‘cutenut’! And no, that’s not a cute looking KP peanut or testicle! Those blokes were scared of you! I want to see that side of you, let me just poke you with a stick *Pokes Daffers with a long pointed stick*. I await your reaction!

    130, huh? Which means you’re 145? Nah, wait, 170 odd wasn’t it? Um yeh, tiz about right! You know what, I’m still laughing about what happened! LOL! What’s he like eh? Still, twaz good time!

    LOL!!!! at your face in that picture! It’s like you’ve sharpened your chin with a pencil sharpener! Maybe that’s why the builders fixed the problem, cos you threatend them with ya pointy chin? LOL. It’s funny though, cos they’re all “Hey, lot’s pose for a pic!” and you’re all “My head’s a little smaller than yours, let me get mine in and force a double chin while am at it! Cheese!!” 😉 I may have to photoshop it!

    Ah man, thanks for the laugh! I hope you have a good weekend, mate! Much love and hugskis to you as always! 🙂 xxx

    – Phil

    • When I first read this comment I thought you meant the Stornoway blokes were scared of me (which to be fair they probably were a bit 😉
      And if Im 170 then that makes you 155. I wouldnt go adding years onto my age mate cos it’s only gonna add em onto yours too!
      Funnily enough I did sharpen my chin with a pencil sharpener. Its part of my getting ready regime Ill have you know.
      Have a great weekend yaself amigo!
      See you on the other side!
      Huggles and luv Daf xxx

  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    As usual, I just love all the pics in between. So choice, Daf 🙂

    Oh those cakes!! Fantastic! I LOVE fruitcake. Is that what’s in there? …

    Aren’t I terrible – I giggled at how you described the woman falling down the stairs!

    Great post, Daf. You live so great 🙂 And love your photo. And loved the music!

  6. Aw thanks Noeleen!
    Yeah theyre fruit cakes, heavily laced with sherry. What with that and Prenins offer of pork pies I think were half way to a christmas buffet!
    Hugs Daf xxx

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