Just popped back cos I think I might have left my sanity here.

I’ve been missing this place so I thought I’d amble back, put my feet up and have a chat. After that I might pull my t shirt over my head and run around making blarting noises, I just can’t be sure.

So over the last year I’ve been writing horror stories and publishing them to a site called nosleep. It’s been really weird. To go from writing a kind of funny diary that on a good day gets read by two people and a goat, to publishing on a site that has nearly 4 million subscribers has been one of the most bizarre and interesting things I’ve done in a while.

It’s unlike any other horror site in that it’s interactive. So what you do is you post a story, that story either gets upvoted and lots and lots of people read it, or it gets downvoted and sinks without a trace (kinda like the thumbs up or down on youtube). Fortunately most of my stories have been pretty well received. If people like a story you get a whole bunch of comments, but as I said the interesting thing is that it’s interactive. For example if Ā I write a story saying ‘hey, theres a spooky ghosty in my house what should I do?’ Ā I’ll get a bunch of comments back giving me advice and if I want to reply to any of them, I have to stay in character as that person with the ghosty in their house.

I posted a story there the other day from the perspective of a stalker and I gotta say it’s pretty much the only time you’re gonna get comments on the internet calling you a sick f**cker and be happy about it.

Just in case anyone’s interested here’s a link to one of my stories:Ā The Wishing Tree

This story has been narrated on Youtube, used in a podcast, stolen and reposted all over the place, and also a girl PM’d me and asked me if she could use it for her personal response essay in college. And yeah I’m doing a ‘go me’ dance while I type that! It’s just so utterly mint having so many people read what you write.

The only problem with staying in character is that sometimes I just wanna be me. Me that types up stupid blogs about huskies on tread mills, me that posts photos of Halloween costumes and mostly me that says stupid stuff and rambles about gigs I’m going to and music. That’s why I’m back here, kicking off my shoes and rambling.

*Small aside: my fecking space bar is sticking and I think I need a new keyboard. Well either that or I need to clean the jam out of this one.

I think blogging taught me so much about writing and I will always have the biggest place in my heart for everyone that used to blog with me. Especially the old MSN crowd. Soooo much fun had there!

So moving along to other news. Boychild graduated this summer and is now looking for a job. If anyone knows of a job going for a 22 year old with no experience and a Bsc that would be super šŸ˜‰

Oh and I took my folks to the hospital the other day and got chatting to an 84 year old lady in rude health that has a can of Guinness with her breakfast, a glass of white wine with her lunch, a glass of red wine with her dinner and another can of Guinness on an evening watching the telly. When I’m 84 I want to be her.

Gonna leave you with this. Going to see her in a couple of weeks and I just love her voice.


2 Responses to “Just popped back cos I think I might have left my sanity here.”

  1. Good to hear from you Daf, loved the story too. šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š xxx

  2. Glad you are still with us Daffers! šŸ™‚

    Yeah life moves an and I’m glad you’ve got an outlet for that imagination of yours! šŸ™‚

    Glad Boy child is now looking for a job – hope he finds one! šŸ™‚

    Love and huge squishy hugs my friend, I missed you!!! šŸ™‚


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