Today my blog is like a mullet.

cos it’s business at the front and party at the back.

So first to business.  Eventually I’m hoping to link this blog to the stories I publish on Nosleep. So I am going to link any new stories I post there, here. Most of the writers there have proper authors’ websites, and I did start setting one up but pssssssht to that. Seemed like a lot of hard work when this is where I’m happy writing. Thought I might as well make it dual purpose.  Don’t worry about reading them though if you’re here for my usual yacking because I totally understand horror is not everyone’s thing and won’t be in even the teeniest bit offended.

So this was my latest offering, which I wrote with Halloween in mind. I’ve submitted it for the nosleep podcast, but everyone wants to be included in the Halloween episode,  so all the very best writers are coming out of the woodwork and having a pop at it.

Stories for my Daughter

So now to my trailing and awesomely fluffy mullet behind (that just sounds very wrong to me).  This weekend I have been off gigging. Saturday I went to Leeds to see Fall Out Boy, who were completely awesome. We decided we needed to get some ice for our pre gig drinks. It’s just weird being a stranger in a strange supermarket. I can never find anything and seem to spend ages wandering about looking dazed and confused. Eventually we did find the ice at which point my mate thought it would be funny to try and push me into the freezer. I responded by growling ‘I will fucking fuck you over’, to which we both laughed heartily.

true friend

So as I say FOB were awesome and much leaping was done.

Sunday came back up to Newcastle to go see Rae Morris (as I mentioned in the previous blog).  It was a night of highs and lows.  No offence to Miss Morris, but she writes music to slit your wrists by. She has a really beautiful voice, but midst an incredibly sad song about dying (not even kidding) I got the giggles. I ended up stood there shaking with laughter, and I swear I was trying to behave but it just made it worse. I was glared at from all sides. The last time I heard lyrics so depressing was some folk singer at a festival I was at in the summer, fave lyrics of his being ‘who will tell your parents that you’ve died’ and something about funerals.

So we left the gig. At this point very drunk, completely knackered and a bit emotional. Standing outside the pizza shop this homeless guy came and asked for some change. So I being a real softee when it comes to homeless people gave him some money and my mate asked him if he wanted something to eat. While waiting for his food to be cooked we sat outside and he was talking to me telling me how come he’d ended up in his predicament. Then he started to cry which made me cry (as I mentioned very drunk). So yeah, I ended my night sitting pissed as a rat on a pavement in Newcastle, crying and hugging a homeless man. I’m so classy 😉


I call that a skillfully done weekend.


One Response to “Today my blog is like a mullet.”

  1. Good on ya sweetie!!! 🙂

    I have an alcoholic neighbour who sponges off me so someone in genuine need ALWAYS gets my help!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs – I’d probably be laughing too – your ever wonderful friend! 🙂


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