Why is youtube suggesting I watch many Justin Bieber things?

I know that’s a bit of an odd place to start a blog, but seriously youtube suggestions just defy logic sometimes. I have not and never shall be a Bieber fan.

Anyway moving along, Halloween is round the corner and I wanted to enter an online competition for pumpkin carvings.  Entries have to be in by the fifteenth so I’ve had to do it stupidly early but this is what I came up with.

pumpkin 2015

I was quite pleased with him despite his wonky eyes/eyebrows/ dodgy teeth.  Ok, so he looks a bit of a freak but that’s allowed for Halloween right?

Last Saturday girlchild, her BF and I went to a book signing that someone we know was having.  It was really nice because she was dead excited, and had pretty much sold all her books when we got there. Girlchild even got a mention in the acknowledgments.  They did make me laugh though because I’ve never seen acknowledgments where in the midst of all the ‘thank yous’ the author says ‘And to those of you who scoffed, who were rude, who told me to give up and stop daydreaming, I have no words for you…. except I hope you fall into a ditch of nettles.’


In other news my folks are going more mental.  The other day when I went round my Dad was painting wallpaper, with a teeny brush and some pink paint. Basically a wee bit of it had peeled off and was a bit discoloured so he was doing his best Leonardo da Vinci.  It took him hours, which wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s upstairs in the spare room that no one ever goes in and is hidden by the bed anyway.

The other night my mam got up in the wee hours to watch the aurora borealis, and when she went back to bed my dad asked her if she’d seen them. She said that she hadn’t seen much because the moon wasn’t very bright. He told her that was because it was waning, to which she snapped ‘It’s not raining’.  Deaf as a post!

Link to my latest horror story: The Trouble With Chris   It did better than I was expecting which is always nice!

Gonna leave you with a little joke.

A cowboy goes down to the stable, lifts his horse’s tail, and plants a kiss smack dab on the horses butthole. Another cowboy sees this and yells, “What the hell are you doing?” He replies, “I’ve got chapped lips.” The other cowboy asks, “Does that help?” “Nope,” he answers, “It just keeps me from licking them.”


One Response to “Why is youtube suggesting I watch many Justin Bieber things?”

  1. A good blog Daffers! 🙂

    Glad you still pop around every now and again – you were missed!!! 😉

    Cowboy goes to a bar and sits next to a beautiful woman and offers to buy her a drink and she refuses explaining she is a Lesbian.

    Confused, the cowboy asks what she means?

    She replies: “All day, every day I think of sex with women in many positions and types from blondes to brunettes!”

    She then finishes her drink and leaves.

    A young woman then comes in and sits next to him, orders a drink and says: “Are you a real Cowboy?”

    He shakes his head and replies: “I thought I was, but I just found out I’m a Lesbian!” 🙂

    Love and hugs! 🙂


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