Happy Belated Easter.

So it would seem every time I turn up here something has changed, but then maybe that’s because I leave it three months between blogs.

March has been a busy month.  I’ve had a couple of birthday parties and an Easter fancy dress.  Decided to dress as a vocaloid for that one because the theme was animation.  Haven’t got any decent photos yet but I have a snap shot I took on the pute before I went out.


Not the greatest photo but you get the idea.  I spent the evening paranoid I was gonna go up in flames because the hostess loves candles, a lot, and my wig went down to my knees and was floating about quite a bit. I’ll post a better photo when I get one because I did love this costume loads.

In other news my dog (who is one eyed, and now 16) has just had her spring fur cut.  She’s marking her protest by constantly shivering even though we both know she’s not cold.  I did try and take a photo of her because she actually looks really cute, however she’s not in the least bit photogenic because she won’t stand still long enough.  The best I managed was this,which is a ridiculous action shot of her having a shake.  A photographer I ain’t.


I’m still writing up a storm. My latest offerings have been:

My Dad, Chuckles and a Blue Striped Hat.  Which is a story I wrote at Christmas.

Love Letters.

The Extras.

and the most recent, The Chat Room. This was particularly good fun to write because it was massively tongue in cheek and based on real friends of mine in the nosleep OOC chat room. One of the guys there has a horror channel on Youtube and did a rather good narration of it. I have literally no idea how to post a Youtube video here anymore so until I get my head round that one I’m just gonna post a link.

Chat Room Narration.

It would seem I’m all about the links these days.  I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I have enough short stories to publish an anthology. My goal is to have that done by September.

Anyway I’m gonna leave it there for today cos spring has sprung and I feel the urge to go and buy plants at the local nursery. I currently have a small greenhouse in my hall because I had no where else to put it.  It’s lookin’ good though and things are sprouting. So long as they’re not triffids it’s all good.



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