Nothing but Thieves.

Tuesday night went to see Nothing But Thieves.  It was a good gig and the lead singer is a great vocalist.  I did come away feeling that it was a tad on the waily side though.  Just because he can hit those stupendously high notes doesn’t mean he should every other song.  Quite frankly it’s just showing off. Had a great night though with much leaping and voddy.

Saturday night went to a silver wedding anniversary party.  It was a brilliant night. It was  80’s themed, so I went looking like an 80s Madonna, which was all very well except I had to get ready early and then drive my hubby somewhere and drive back.  It was broad daylight and I did feel a little conspicuous.

The hostess was dressed as a rubix cube which I did think was a stroke of genius, except she couldn’t move her arms. Her other half was a very rakish and drunk looking Adam Ant.  There was another couple dressed as people from Hi-De-Hi which was fair enough but there was also a couple dressed as Micky and Minnie Mouse.  I did not see the 80s connection.

The other thing on my mind today is this ridiculous news ban.  It just strikes me that no one involved seems to understand how the internet works.  If something’s trending on twitter surely it becomes pointless to ban a paper from printing it.  We all know anyway. Then again maybe it’s just a ruse to try and get some publicity for a waning career.  Who knows or actually cares?





2 Responses to “Nothing but Thieves.”

  1. Aaah the joys of fancy dress! 🙂

    I haven’t been to a party in decades, but in times past… 😉

    You must have looked good as Madonna – I have an image of an old comedy skit where a beautiful woman creates havoc!!! 🙂

    The News ban is a joke, but it could mean an end to celebrities hiding their activities from the rest of us – maybe they’ll think twice before indulging… 😉

    Hope you have a great week Daffers – love and huge squishy hugs!!! 🙂


  2. I didn’t create that much havoc 😉 Hoping to get some photos off the hostess at some point though and if I do I’ll shove one up.

    Yeah that news ban is a joke. I just don’t get why anyone would think it would hide anything in the age of the internet!

    Love n hugs back at ya!

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