Wet Wet Wet.


So first things first,  for any women readers out there heed my advice.  Ya know what’s a really bad idea? Buying cheap eyeliner from China.  Be buggered I thought my eyes were gonna fall out.

ate pizza

Moving along, I spent Sunday in rainy Yorkshire.  Went to Dalby Forest to see the Kaiser Chiefs.  Arrived there at about half six at which point the heavens opened.  It was horrible.  I ended up sitting in a blanket which turned into a puddle,  the box of wine we had brought with us disintegrated and more puddles gathered on my massively attractive plastic see through poncho thingy.  I have never been so wet.  By the time we left my fingers were more pruned than if I’d sat in a bath for two hours. The first support band was called Vitamin and wasn’t bad actually.  The second I can’t remember and by the time the Kaiser Chiefs came on I was so fed up two songs in, having decided the lead singer was doing a piss poor job and didn’t look like himself (not that I was drunk and grumpy at all), we decided to leave.

Kaiser Chiefs Dalby Forest

Anyway posted a story earlier so sitting waiting with baited breath to see how it does and about to hit the vodka and red wicked.

Good times.

you can dance




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