Youtube n stuff.

So I’ve come to the end of my festival season.  Last couple of open air things was Ocean Colour Scene at Times Square in Newcastle and Chase Park Festival.

Got to the Times Square one a bit late, and I have literally never seen so many mingingly drunk people in one place.  The ground was a sea of booze and girls in heels way too high for that kind of thing were falling all over the place.

Ocean Colour Scene however were fantastic. Mind you as we left it was like a broken sunglasses graveyard.  A moment of silence for all the lenses lost that day …..

Then the weekend after that went to Chase Park Festival.  The sun shone and the wine flowed.  Saw Stornoway for the millionth time (but still crazy love them) and also Reverend and the Makers for the first time.  Totally great afternoon.  Afterwards played in the park on the zipline and then went and had an awesome Chinese.  It was a fab way to end festival season.  So now I’m packing away my flowery headband til next year.  Roll on gig season.

Met these guys a few times after gigs and stuff and they’re always so lovely but never cease to amaze me with how great they are live!

So in other news I’ve been expanding my writing.  Wrote a zombie story for a sort of writers challenge someone set us, and that did ok and also wrote a story for a site called ShortScaryStories.  The challenge with that one is that it had to be under 500 words.  It’s a smaller site than nosleep but it seemed to go down really rather well.

Link to original:

A guy off You Tube asked me if he could narrate it for his channel, although narrate probably isn’t the right word.  He kinda illustrates things.  I really liked what he did with it and to be honest I love the rest of his channel so he’s totally worth checking out.

Had a really great couple of weeks.  I always love the summer holidays because there are a lot more of my friends around (just  cos they’re taking holidays or having time off because they  work in schools).  Had a bit of excitement the other day because someone was attacked outside the pub we were having lunch in.  My car was part of a crime scene for a couple of hours so we just had to stay there.  The hardship.  Eventually the coppers decided my car hadn’t been involved and let it go.

I think that’s enough of a ramble for now so catch you on the flip side (of what I have no idea).


One Response to “Youtube n stuff.”

  1. Sounds like it was a good time hun – hope you see many more festivals my friend! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs sweetie!!! 🙂 ❤


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