Back from my jollies. 

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Been away for a few days.  Weather was  cold but very pleasant for the time of year and it didn’t really matter cos I wasn’t expecting sunshine this early on anyway.

Had a really lush meal on the Friday night, although couldn’t really do it justice because I was still full of chips from the afternoon.  After that we went to the casino.  They never want you to leave.  The smoking area is like a room and the wine is cheap as chips.

Saturday had a much lazier day and pretty much festered for most of it and then went out for a meal on the evening.  We went to one of those Ask Italian places.  Have to be honest the food was lovely but I didn’t like the restaurant at all.  It felt like a mixture of sitting in a school canteen and a corner of Ikea.

Meandered home on Sunday in time to have the kids round and let the takeaway make Sunday dinner (in the form of pizza).

So all in all an awesome weekend.


Nothing but Thieves.

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Tuesday night went to see Nothing But Thieves.  It was a good gig and the lead singer is a great vocalist.  I did come away feeling that it was a tad on the waily side though.  Just because he can hit those stupendously high notes doesn’t mean he should every other song.  Quite frankly it’s just showing off. Had a great night though with much leaping and voddy.

Saturday night went to a silver wedding anniversary party.  It was a brilliant night. It was  80’s themed, so I went looking like an 80s Madonna, which was all very well except I had to get ready early and then drive my hubby somewhere and drive back.  It was broad daylight and I did feel a little conspicuous.

The hostess was dressed as a rubix cube which I did think was a stroke of genius, except she couldn’t move her arms. Her other half was a very rakish and drunk looking Adam Ant.  There was another couple dressed as people from Hi-De-Hi which was fair enough but there was also a couple dressed as Micky and Minnie Mouse.  I did not see the 80s connection.

The other thing on my mind today is this ridiculous news ban.  It just strikes me that no one involved seems to understand how the internet works.  If something’s trending on twitter surely it becomes pointless to ban a paper from printing it.  We all know anyway. Then again maybe it’s just a ruse to try and get some publicity for a waning career.  Who knows or actually cares?




Yey! Got my Youtube sorted.

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I think I’ve got it sussed I really do!


Beginning of Feb went to Manchester to see Coheed and Cambria, who were their usual awesome selves!

On the way, we stopped at Hadfield which is where the league of Gentlemen was filmed and had a quick drink in the local pub.

Royston Vasey

I thought it was pretty cool they’ve got the original sign from the intro up on the wall.

Anyway I’ll leave you with a little narration someone did of one of my stories a while ago. Enjoy!

Happy Belated Easter.

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So it would seem every time I turn up here something has changed, but then maybe that’s because I leave it three months between blogs.

March has been a busy month.  I’ve had a couple of birthday parties and an Easter fancy dress.  Decided to dress as a vocaloid for that one because the theme was animation.  Haven’t got any decent photos yet but I have a snap shot I took on the pute before I went out.


Not the greatest photo but you get the idea.  I spent the evening paranoid I was gonna go up in flames because the hostess loves candles, a lot, and my wig went down to my knees and was floating about quite a bit. I’ll post a better photo when I get one because I did love this costume loads.

In other news my dog (who is one eyed, and now 16) has just had her spring fur cut.  She’s marking her protest by constantly shivering even though we both know she’s not cold.  I did try and take a photo of her because she actually looks really cute, however she’s not in the least bit photogenic because she won’t stand still long enough.  The best I managed was this,which is a ridiculous action shot of her having a shake.  A photographer I ain’t.


I’m still writing up a storm. My latest offerings have been:

My Dad, Chuckles and a Blue Striped Hat.  Which is a story I wrote at Christmas.

Love Letters.

The Extras.

and the most recent, The Chat Room. This was particularly good fun to write because it was massively tongue in cheek and based on real friends of mine in the nosleep OOC chat room. One of the guys there has a horror channel on Youtube and did a rather good narration of it. I have literally no idea how to post a Youtube video here anymore so until I get my head round that one I’m just gonna post a link.

Chat Room Narration.

It would seem I’m all about the links these days.  I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I have enough short stories to publish an anthology. My goal is to have that done by September.

Anyway I’m gonna leave it there for today cos spring has sprung and I feel the urge to go and buy plants at the local nursery. I currently have a small greenhouse in my hall because I had no where else to put it.  It’s lookin’ good though and things are sprouting. So long as they’re not triffids it’s all good.


Happy Post Halloween.

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So good afternoon fair readers (yeah I’m talking to you two, the goat got bored and wandered off). I feel like I have a whole bunch of stuff to mention this afternoon, so I’ll try not to ramble too much.

First I won the pumpkin carving competition so WHEEEEEY! This would be a much greater achievement if it turned out I wasn’t the only one that entered.  However I’m happy to live with winning by default because I get a free T shirt for my efforts.

 Happy belated Halloween everyone. To celebrate I had a wander to Whitby on the day,  by eleven o’clock all the goths there appeared to be drunk and have forgotten that paths are for people and roads are for cars. It was a bit of a nightmare so after the shortest visit to the Abbey ever we went to Scarborough and had chips by the seaside.  Very nice day cos the weather was glorious that weekend.
Recently went to my sister’s wedding too.  She decided she had to get married (again) before she was fifty.  Her dress was lovely although very much an evening dress because they were keeping things very low key.  She was wearing a black silky scarf thing with it, which I stole and put on my head.  Looked like Miss Haversham in mourning, but I thought I was funny.  Hit the champers by mid morning so I’m calling it a good day, even though it pissed down mercilessly the entire day. Oh and my Dad managed to throw my son’s good suit jacket in a puddle and leave it there.  The poor lad had to spend the entire day without it cos it was damp and muddy.  *Note to self: Must go to the dry cleaners.
In other news the story I linked to in a previous blog ‘Stories for my daughter’ made it into the Nosleep Halloween podcast which I was really chuffed about.  I have now officially earned enough to be in the Horror writers guild, although I think you need to earn about a tenner to be in it to be honest,and they want more monies off you so I don’t think I’ll bother.
Gonna leave you with this cos I saw it yesterday.  It would seem no matter how famous you are, if you’re a girl a git massive bug will still send you screaming.

Why is youtube suggesting I watch many Justin Bieber things?

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I know that’s a bit of an odd place to start a blog, but seriously youtube suggestions just defy logic sometimes. I have not and never shall be a Bieber fan.

Anyway moving along, Halloween is round the corner and I wanted to enter an online competition for pumpkin carvings.  Entries have to be in by the fifteenth so I’ve had to do it stupidly early but this is what I came up with.

pumpkin 2015

I was quite pleased with him despite his wonky eyes/eyebrows/ dodgy teeth.  Ok, so he looks a bit of a freak but that’s allowed for Halloween right?

Last Saturday girlchild, her BF and I went to a book signing that someone we know was having.  It was really nice because she was dead excited, and had pretty much sold all her books when we got there. Girlchild even got a mention in the acknowledgments.  They did make me laugh though because I’ve never seen acknowledgments where in the midst of all the ‘thank yous’ the author says ‘And to those of you who scoffed, who were rude, who told me to give up and stop daydreaming, I have no words for you…. except I hope you fall into a ditch of nettles.’


In other news my folks are going more mental.  The other day when I went round my Dad was painting wallpaper, with a teeny brush and some pink paint. Basically a wee bit of it had peeled off and was a bit discoloured so he was doing his best Leonardo da Vinci.  It took him hours, which wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s upstairs in the spare room that no one ever goes in and is hidden by the bed anyway.

The other night my mam got up in the wee hours to watch the aurora borealis, and when she went back to bed my dad asked her if she’d seen them. She said that she hadn’t seen much because the moon wasn’t very bright. He told her that was because it was waning, to which she snapped ‘It’s not raining’.  Deaf as a post!

Link to my latest horror story: The Trouble With Chris   It did better than I was expecting which is always nice!

Gonna leave you with a little joke.

A cowboy goes down to the stable, lifts his horse’s tail, and plants a kiss smack dab on the horses butthole. Another cowboy sees this and yells, “What the hell are you doing?” He replies, “I’ve got chapped lips.” The other cowboy asks, “Does that help?” “Nope,” he answers, “It just keeps me from licking them.”

Today my blog is like a mullet.

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cos it’s business at the front and party at the back.

So first to business.  Eventually I’m hoping to link this blog to the stories I publish on Nosleep. So I am going to link any new stories I post there, here. Most of the writers there have proper authors’ websites, and I did start setting one up but pssssssht to that. Seemed like a lot of hard work when this is where I’m happy writing. Thought I might as well make it dual purpose.  Don’t worry about reading them though if you’re here for my usual yacking because I totally understand horror is not everyone’s thing and won’t be in even the teeniest bit offended.

So this was my latest offering, which I wrote with Halloween in mind. I’ve submitted it for the nosleep podcast, but everyone wants to be included in the Halloween episode,  so all the very best writers are coming out of the woodwork and having a pop at it.

Stories for my Daughter

So now to my trailing and awesomely fluffy mullet behind (that just sounds very wrong to me).  This weekend I have been off gigging. Saturday I went to Leeds to see Fall Out Boy, who were completely awesome. We decided we needed to get some ice for our pre gig drinks. It’s just weird being a stranger in a strange supermarket. I can never find anything and seem to spend ages wandering about looking dazed and confused. Eventually we did find the ice at which point my mate thought it would be funny to try and push me into the freezer. I responded by growling ‘I will fucking fuck you over’, to which we both laughed heartily.

true friend

So as I say FOB were awesome and much leaping was done.

Sunday came back up to Newcastle to go see Rae Morris (as I mentioned in the previous blog).  It was a night of highs and lows.  No offence to Miss Morris, but she writes music to slit your wrists by. She has a really beautiful voice, but midst an incredibly sad song about dying (not even kidding) I got the giggles. I ended up stood there shaking with laughter, and I swear I was trying to behave but it just made it worse. I was glared at from all sides. The last time I heard lyrics so depressing was some folk singer at a festival I was at in the summer, fave lyrics of his being ‘who will tell your parents that you’ve died’ and something about funerals.

So we left the gig. At this point very drunk, completely knackered and a bit emotional. Standing outside the pizza shop this homeless guy came and asked for some change. So I being a real softee when it comes to homeless people gave him some money and my mate asked him if he wanted something to eat. While waiting for his food to be cooked we sat outside and he was talking to me telling me how come he’d ended up in his predicament. Then he started to cry which made me cry (as I mentioned very drunk). So yeah, I ended my night sitting pissed as a rat on a pavement in Newcastle, crying and hugging a homeless man. I’m so classy 😉


I call that a skillfully done weekend.